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North Korean Leader Orders Military To Prepare For Possible ‘War’



North Korean leader Kim Jong Un 1

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, ended the year by issuing new threats of a nuclear attack on Seoul and ordering a military arsenal build-up.

He emphasized the readiness for a potential war that could “break out any time” on the Korean peninsula, according to reports from state media on Sunday.

During an extensive speech at the culmination of five days of year-end party meetings, Kim strongly criticised the United States. The meetings were instrumental in determining North Korea’s military, political, and economic policies for the year 2024.

The gathering revealed plans for significant military advancements in the upcoming year.

These plans include the launch of three additional spy satellites, the construction of unmanned drones, the development of electronic warfare capabilities, and the reinforcement of nuclear and missile forces, according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

In the course of this year, Pyongyang achieved several significant milestones, including the successful launch of a reconnaissance satellite.

Additionally, North Korea solidified its status as a nuclear power by incorporating it into its constitution. Notably, the country also conducted a test launch of its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in its arsenal.

Kim accused the United States of posing “various forms of military threat” and ordered his armed forces to maintain the “overwhelming war response capability“, according to KCNA’s account of the meeting that ended on Saturday.

The meeting concluded that it is a “fait accompli that a war may break out on the Korean peninsula any time due to the enemies’ reckless moves for invading the DPRK“, KCNA said, using the acronym of the North’s official name.

In a bid to deter Pyongyang, Washington took measures such as deploying a nuclear-powered submarine in the South Korean port city of Busan this month.

Additionally, the United States conducted joint drills with Seoul and Tokyo, involving the flight of long-range bombers.

However, North Korea characterised the deployment of Washington’s strategic weapons, including B-52 bombers, in these joint drills on the Korean peninsula as “intentional nuclear war provocative moves.”

The military “should rapidly respond to any possible nuclear crisis and put continuous spurs to the preparations for a great event to suppress the whole territory of South Korea by mobilising all physical means and forces including nuclear forces in contingency“, Kim said.

Kim conveyed to the meeting that he no longer intends to pursue reconciliation and reunification with South Korea. He pointed to what he described as an “uncontrollable crisis” triggered by Seoul and Washington.

Inter-Korean relations reached a low point this year, particularly after Pyongyang’s launch of a spy satellite, leading Seoul to partially suspend a 2018 military agreement aimed at easing tensions.

Kim emphasised that it would be a mistake to view South Korea, which publicly identified North Korea as the “principal enemy,” as a partner for reconciliation and reunification, as reported by KCNA.

Kim also ordered the drawing-up of measures for reorganising departments handling cross-border affairs to “fundamentally change the principle“.

Leif Easley, a professor of international relations at Ewha University in Seoul, said the emphasis on North Korea’s “significant military capabilities” was likely aimed at hiding its poor economic achievements this year.

“Much of what state-controlled media publishes is recycled propaganda.

Pyongyang’s bellicose rhetoric suggests its military moves are not only about deterrence but also domestic politics and international coercion,” he added.

In 2022, Pyongyang declared itself an “irreversible” nuclear power and has consistently reiterated its refusal to abandon its nuclear weapons program, considering it essential for its survival.

The United Nations Security Council has issued numerous resolutions urging North Korea to cease its nuclear and ballistic missile programs since the country’s first nuclear test in 2006.

Despite these resolutions, North Korea has maintained its stance on the development and possession of nuclear weapons.

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Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death In Lagos



The Lagos State police have arrested a 47-year-old man, identified as Emmanuel Chukwuma, for stabbing his 45-year-old girlfriend, Bosede Adefehinti, to death on 7th Avenue, Festac.

Naija Latest Gist learnt that the suspect, popularly known as Oliver on the street, and the deceased have been living together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

An eyewitness who spoke to Vanguard said it was not the first time the lovers had issues, adding that an inferiority complex on the part of the man had caused the fight.

He said, “Yesterday around 2:30 pm, Oliver stabbed his girlfriend, and after stabbing her, he tried to kill himself by jumping into the well, but we stopped him and called the police.

“They are not married, and this is not the first time they have had issues, but yesterday’s was beyond anything before.

“What I believe caused the fight was an inferiority complex on the man’s part because he has no job and helps his girlfriend sell herbal medicines, popularly known as Agbo—a concoction prepared from a variety of herbs.

“So most times, when he’s selling, the girlfriend leaves the shop while he remains there, sometimes receiving banter from the customers.”

Confirming the incident, the Lagos State Police Spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said the suspect has been arrested, and the case file will be transferred to the Homicide section, Panti.

He said, “At about 3:10 pm, a distress call was received that one Emmanuel Chukwuma, aged 47 years, stabbed his girlfriend, Bosede Adefehinti, aged 45 years, to death.

“Immediately, detectives and a patrol team visited the scene of the crime. The suspect was arrested from the well where he hid.

“Photographs were taken while waiting for Lagos State health staff for the possible evacuation of the corpse to the mortuary.

“Meanwhile, the case file will be transferred to the Homicide section, Panti.”

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JUST-IN: 100 Terrorists Dead As NAF Strikes, Police Rescue Kidnap Victims In Katsina



Nigerian Air Force fighter jets

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) conducted a nighttime operation in the Kuka Shidda camp, Faskari local government area of Katsina State, killing over 100 terrorists.

Naija Latest Gist reports that the operation, conducted by Operation Hadarin Daji troops, targeted a criminal group affiliated with notorious terrorist kingpin Yusuf Yellow and his close associate Rabe Imani.

In a statement from Katsina State governor’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kaula, it was revealed that more than 45 motorcycles were destroyed in the airstrikes.

He emphasized that the recent air raid by the Nigerian Air Force in the Faskari-Kankara axis had significantly disrupted the bandits’ activities there, marking the third successful development in the state.

Kaula also mentioned that a prompt response by security forces foiled a kidnapping attempt in the early hours of Sunday morning in Jibia local government area of the state, resulting in the rescue of three victims.

The statement partly read, “A credible police source disclosed that the distress call regarding abduction of some residents in Kwata area, Jibia local government area was received around 4:15 am.

“Without hesitation, a Supol led an APC patrol team to the scene. They arrived to find armed bandits holding three women captive. Acting swiftly, the team blocked the kidnappers’ escape route, leading to a confrontation. A gunfight ensued, pressuring the criminals to flee.

“Thankfully, all three kidnap victims – Ummulkhari Abubakar (23) Shafa’atu Abubakar (35), and Maryam Lawal (15) – were rescued unharmed. The team also ensured the safety of a six-month-old baby boy named Ismail Usman, who was among those abducted.

“The source indicates that the security forces exercised commendable restraint during the operation, expending only 14 rounds of ammunition and 20 smoke canisters.”

The statement emphasized that the swift response saved lives and sent a clear message to criminals that such acts will not be tolerated.

It further highlighted the NAF and local law enforcement’s firm commitment to protecting Katsina State’s citizens from criminal activities.

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Video trends as President Tinubu falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration today (Watch)



Video trends as President Tinubu falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration today Watch 696x348 1

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is one of the trending conversations online as he falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration.

This is coming after the 72-year-old president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria delivered the Democrazy Day speech.

Today, June 12th 2024 is the 25th Democrazy Day celebration of Nigeria, meaning the country is celebrating the silver anniversary of our journey in democracy.

While delivering his Democracy Day speech, Prsident Tinubu said that he was among those who took the risk to midwife the birth of democracy in the country.

He added that he understands the economic difficulties we face as a nation and by extension tells Nigerians to be more positive while promising to move Nigeria forward.

After delivering the Democrazy Day speech, Bola Ahmed Tinubu raises eyebrows online as he falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration today.

The security details had to quickly rushed to him after he fell down and tried to raise him up.

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

tufab: Please sir don’t fall. You must finish your 12 years tenure oo. 🙏.

sonita_the_virtuous_girl: If this falling sweet you gather here>>>>😂😂😂.

veevyann: Naso prices of Foodstuffs go take fall this week in Jesus name🤲🏾.

lyric_onyems: Nice one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

nkemakonamu’: We are still standing on your mandate and you are already falling 😞.

castroevans1:He will be flown abroad and billions will be spent for his check-up… meanwhile, the common won’t be able access Healthcare, meanwhile doctors here would be paid a meagre stipend called salary…

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