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Nigerians drag billionaire Aliko Dangote for selling cement for N5200 in Nigeria but sell at N1500 in Benin Republic



Nigerians call out Dangote for selling cement for N5200 in the country but sells at N1500 in Benin Republic

Nigerians have started to drag billionaire Aliko Dangote on social media to call for selling a bag of cement for N5200 in his own country but sells at N1500 in Benin Republic.

This is coming weeks after Billionaire Dangote Ignores Nigerians as he employed 11,000 Indians in his oil refinery.

A Twitter user identified as @drpenking called out Dangote for selling his bag of cement for N5200 in Nigeria despite the fact that the raw material is sourced locally in Nigeria.

According to the Twitter user, the billionaire needs to explain why he sells at a higher price in Nigeria but sells it at N1500 in seme, Benin Republic.

He tweeted; “Dangote cement is produced in Nigeria . The raw material is sourced locally in Nigeria at almost zero cost. Nothing is imported. Almost zero taxes yet the price of cement is 5,200 Naira in Nigeria and same is sold in Seme, Benin Republic at 1,500 Naira. Sit & Explain to me”.

Reacting to this, Nigerians expressed their displeasure at the billionaire Aliko Dangote as they criticized him and calls him all sort of names like, very greedy man, Monopoly boy, among others.

See reactions below;

omoba_ofafrica: It’s high time Nigerians realize that people like Dangote are a very big problem to us than we can ever imagine.. Dangote is bleeding Nigerians and growing fat at our expense.. The investigation at CBN has shown how the former cbn governor has been selling billions of dollars to Dangote at a price way lower than the official rate, this is terrible.. It’s time Nigerian stand up to exploiters and BOYSCOTT ALL DANGOTE PRODUCTS.

flexnelson: If you look well we are our own problem.

georgina_chigozie_onuoha2:  I have no respect for men like Dangote. They monopolize the economy and country because of their proximity to power. Sadly, ignorant people will celebrate them as billionaires.. forgetting that the field is rigged against ordinary Nigerians who should be equal competitors in the market. Zero respect for the so called “ Billionaires “ in Nigeria. Until we beginning to ask poignant questions like this person did, we will continue to celebrate greedy billionaires who are equally the architects of the pain Nigerians are experiencing. I love capitalism but vulture capitalism built on greed is the killer of innovation and growth.

bigkelvin_joseph: Very greedy man 😮.

samklef: Monopoly boy.

endylight1: Nigeria is one of the toughest countries to live in. You won’t know until you have taste of other places . If the government want the masses to get relief they know what to do. Will they ?

mikengr1: Dangote is the major person actually holding Nigeria to ransom. Just imagine! He benefits from the Nigeria system failure, the day this start working normally in Nigeria like a sane country just as it is in Europe, Dangote will go broke.

endylight1: The unexposed part of the story is that The raw materials are gotten in Kogi State, the industry is in Kogi state , everything is produced in Kogi (Obajana to be precised ) . But Cement is costlier in Kogi than in the Core North (Like Kano kaduna and other Northern States).😮.
cashmere104: He’s one of our biggest problem…Richest man in Africa kor, philanthropist ni.

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Video trends as President Tinubu falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration today (Watch)



Video trends as President Tinubu falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration today Watch 696x348 1

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is one of the trending conversations online as he falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration.

This is coming after the 72-year-old president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria delivered the Democrazy Day speech.

Today, June 12th 2024 is the 25th Democrazy Day celebration of Nigeria, meaning the country is celebrating the silver anniversary of our journey in democracy.

While delivering his Democracy Day speech, Prsident Tinubu said that he was among those who took the risk to midwife the birth of democracy in the country.

He added that he understands the economic difficulties we face as a nation and by extension tells Nigerians to be more positive while promising to move Nigeria forward.

After delivering the Democrazy Day speech, Bola Ahmed Tinubu raises eyebrows online as he falls while climbing a parade car for Democracy Day celebration today.

The security details had to quickly rushed to him after he fell down and tried to raise him up.

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

tufab: Please sir don’t fall. You must finish your 12 years tenure oo. 🙏.

sonita_the_virtuous_girl: If this falling sweet you gather here>>>>😂😂😂.

veevyann: Naso prices of Foodstuffs go take fall this week in Jesus name🤲🏾.

lyric_onyems: Nice one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

nkemakonamu’: We are still standing on your mandate and you are already falling 😞.

castroevans1:He will be flown abroad and billions will be spent for his check-up… meanwhile, the common won’t be able access Healthcare, meanwhile doctors here would be paid a meagre stipend called salary…

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“This is a disrespect” – Police officer loses control as lady seduces him during car inspection on the road (Video)



Police officer loses control as lady seduces him during car inspection on the road Video 696x348 1

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment a police officer loses control as he gets seduced by a lady during a car inspection on the road.

In the clip that has gone viral, the middle-aged lady while driving was asked to stop by the police officer while driving for a quick inspection.

However during this moment, the lady automatically turned on her romantic state as she was seen seducing the police officer and by extension, the police officer who was actively doing his job became the victim.

The police officer asks the lady for her particulars and the lady responds by putting her particulars in her mouth and then moving it in the direction of the officer so that he can take it.

The police officer seems to be left with no choice and he reacted by collecting the particulars by stretching her his hand toward her mouth and collected the particulars from there.

Following that, the lady continues to seduced the police officer as she was seen locking her lips with her teeth together and the duo ended up looking at each other.

The police officer who has lost control while standing was seen staring at the lady inside the car in what could be described as “love is a beautiful thing.”

Watch the video below;


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A post shared by King Tunde Ednut (@mazitundeednut)


laughpillscomedy: This Gen Z plays too much 😂.

ble_ssing_sunday: This Olopa don wet but maintaining maximum composure😂😂😂.

uchenna4712: If they arrest this one now they go day disturb us with justice for her.

attih_soul: Stop doing this. If he thinks you’re flirting and wants to do something with you, what will you do? What if he decides not to understand that it’s not a joke? Don’t tempt the devil to tempt you 🙏🏼.

azapeter_1: his is very wrong You can’t try this outside Nigeria That’s why I don’t like visiting this country.

director_h20: This is 💯 crime. U can’t seduce an officer.

funny_thinker1: See the power of a woman, she made the conStable unStabe 😂.

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JUST IN: Four Nigerian pilgrims arrested for planning to smuggle cocaine to Saudi Arabia



Hajj pilgrims trying to smuggle drug into Saudi 696x348 1

Four intending hajj pilgrims have been arrested by the operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) while trying to smuggle cocaine to Saudi Arabia.

The suspects lodged at Emerald Hotel in the Ladipo area of Oshodi, Lagos State, were caught ingesting wraps of cocaine ahead of their flight to the holy land on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

The four suspects were identified as Usman Kamorudeen, 31; Olasunkanmi Owolabi, 46; Fatai Yekini, 38; and Ayinla Kemi, 34.

“The suspects were lodged in two rooms in the hotel, preparing 200 pellets of cocaine weighing 2.20 kilograms to swallow when NDLEA officers stormed their rooms. One hundred wraps of the Class A substance were recovered from each room, making a total seizure of 200 wraps. Two suspects were set to swallow 100 wraps each,” NDLEA stated.

Brig Gen Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the NDLEA, commended the Commander, officers, and men of the Lagos State Command of the NDLEA for conducting the operation.

He emphasized that the agency will continue to extend its efforts to track, trace, and apprehend criminal elements attempting to use the pilgrimage to carry out illegal activities that could tarnish the country’s image.

The NDLEA chief also stated that the agency would collaborate with their counterparts in Saudi Arabia to ensure that the designated recipients of the seized illicit drug consignments in Saudi Arabia are also traced and dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Ministry of Health has approved the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to operate two main clinics for Nigerian pilgrims in Makkah.

The Executive Chairman of NAHCON, Malam Jalal Arabi, made this known in a statement by the commission’s Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Mrs Fatima Sanda-Usara, on Sunday in Abuja.

Arabi said the approval letter was received by Dr Abubakar Isma’eel, NAHCON’s Head of Medical Mission for the 2024 Hajj Season.

“The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) is happy to announce that it has received approval to operate two main clinics in Makkah in the meantime.

“The Saudi Ministry of Health revealed this development through its medical consultants attached to Ithra Alkhair Company, NAHCON’s chosen service providers, otherwise known as Mu’assasa. The two main clinics are those located at Masfala/Kudai and Shari’e Al-Mansour areas. They serve as the medical head offices,” he said.

Arabi also said that approval to start running three other outpost clinics (Triage Outposts 1, 2, and 3) was still awaited.

“Dr A-Isma’eel expressed optimism that within the next 48–72 hours, the three outposts would also receive full approval to operate optimally. The proposed outposts are located at Nasarawa, Ogun/Oyo, and Borno pilgrim houses in Makkah, respectively,” the chairman explained.

He said that the GPS of the outpost locations would be made available to the Nigerian pilgrims within hours of approval.

“It should be noted that the outposts are strategically situated within pilgrims’ hotel clusters to aid accessibility,” he noted.

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