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“I was so surprised when I found out that my 26-year-old son had a will when 56-year-old me does not even have one” – Singer Mohbd’s father reveals (Video)



I was so shocked to find out that 26 year old Mohbad had a will

Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of Nigerian singer Mohbad in a recent development, raised suspicion surrounding his son’s untimely death.

According to the late singer’s dad, he found out that his late son, Mohbad, who passed away at the age of 26-year-old had a will.

Mr Joseph Aloba made this known during an exclusive interview with TVC News and by extension left him suspicious of foul play.

Upon arriving at his son’s home, Mohbad’s father was astonished to discover that his son’s body had already undergone local embalming.

Adding to the mystery of the situation was the surprising presence of a lawyer instead of a medical doctor.

In the course of the interview, the heaartbroken father disclosed an even more startling revelation – the presence of a purported will belonging to the deceased 26-year-old artist.

Expressing disbelief, Mohbad’s father found it astonishing that his son had a will, particularly since he, at an older age of 56, did not have one himself.

Adding to the perplexity, the late singer’s will was distinguished by thumbprints instead of a conventional signature, leaving Mohbad’s father to question why his son would choose a thumbprint over his perfectly valid signature.

Watch the video below;


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See reactions below;

hameedahadayi: This man is raising alot of valid issues, but emotions no allow us see front. His issues are valid. Why was Mohbad’s will thumbprinted and not signed. Why will a young boy write a will!!!!🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.

gyftfranci: You get property, wey you won dey write will?

kingkaayyz: Drag him all you want but his wife’s refusal to do dna will forever be suspicious especially even after many people offered to run it for them for free and after a family meme her requested for it.

nurs_ellyswiss_vi: Thumb printing is same as signing. Will can be signed in several way.

fiona_ampah: I see what this man is saying now something is fishy in this movement his wife needs to be investigated cause we need to use our head not heart if we want justices.

teeto__olayeni: More loke Mohbad saw it all coming…He sabi the kind family him get.

zhee0221_____: This comment section shows how wired most of you have been through your emotions. It is well even if justice is delayed, it won’t be denial by God’s grace. Mr Aloba might not be perfect oo but he hasn’t changed his own side of his story unless he add whatever he remembers to what he has been saying. That justice wey una say una want una no want am again abi?…


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