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“He get speee oo” – Nigerians react as knacking video of Tonto Dikeh and VDM surfaces the internet (Watch)



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Nigerian celebrity actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh and activist VeryDarkMan are trending online.

The duo are popular celebrities from Nigeria. They are currently feeling the heat of the limelight due to an alleged leaked bedroom video.

This is coming few days after VeryDarkMan was released from the police custody.

The video reportedly has garnered massive of views across social media with fans wondering if she is truly the person in the clip.

Watch the video below:

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“Send me a DM if you can handle this kpekus for at least 3 hours” – Lady brags as she shows off her Toto while shopping (Watch)



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This celebration of curvaceous queens transcends conventional beauty standards, championing diversity and self-acceptance. Each queen featured embodies strength and resilience, challenging societal norms by celebrating their curves as symbols of beauty and empowerment.

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In a world often fixated on unrealistic ideals, this movement is a refreshing affirmation of body positivity. It encourages women to embrace their natural shapes, fostering a community where curves are celebrated as a source of strength and beauty. Through empowering stories and inspiring images, “Thick and Thriving” showcases the multifaceted beauty of curvaceous queens who are unapologetically themselves.

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Beyond physical appearance, this celebration is a call for inclusivity and representation in media and beyond. It amplifies voices that have historically been marginalized, promoting a message of acceptance and self-love. “Thick and Thriving: Celebrating Curvaceous Queens” is not just a title but a declaration, igniting a movement that celebrates diversity and empowers women of all sizes to embrace their bodies with pride.

Watch the video below;



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Video of man making his little daughter sign a contract to stay away from boys until 2051 creates buzz online (Watch)



Video of man making his little daughter sign a contract to stay away from boys until 2051 creates buzz online Watch 696x348 1

A humorous father has ignited a wave of online reactions after a video emerged of him making his young daughter sign a contract to stay away from boys until 2051.

The video, which quickly went viral, features the father, known as @denricow on TikTok, humorously guiding his daughter through the signing process.

In the video, the father is seen handing his daughter a pen and pointing to where she should sign the contract, agreeing not to have a boyfriend until she is 30 years old.

“When you make a contract for your daughter no boyfriend for 30 years.” the video’s caption read.

The scene concludes with the father showing his excitement, clearly delighted with the agreement.

See reactions below;

@Gift Lambert100 said; “My lord if I may, my lord may I. My client signed those papers under duress.”

@brave_QueenEbiekpi said; “Sign moma year dey run like water, if na me na 26 contract you for sign.”

@favourosinachi3 said; “My daughter refused to sign the contract since two years ago she was born because she have already snatcched my husband away from me.

@Call me Jenny backup added; “My lord my client sign under duress, it null and void. Let’s go and come back again, court riseeeeeeeee.”

@candy said; “I have two boys. They are coming for her.”

@Omalicha said; “I been wan type wetin dey my mind so. Before I remember say me self dey enter 22 with no love life. Make una help me eeeeehhhhhh.”

@Evelyn said: “Na dem b dis ooo wey nor de let people girl children rest b dis.” 

Watch the video below;


When you make a contract for your daughter no boyfriend for 30 years 🤣🤣🤣 #daddysgirl #daddylittleprincess❤️❤️ #fatherhood #comdey #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ origineel geluid – denricow

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Meet woman who hasn’t eaten food or drank water for 16 years (Video)



woman who hasnt eaten food or drank water for 16 years 696x348 1

A 26 years old woman, identified as Muluwork Ambow from a city, Jimma in Ethopia, has sparked reactions online after a video surfaced online showed that she has not been eating or drinking water for over a decade.

In the video, the young lady was interviewed by some men who travelled all the way from Addis Ababa to the Jimma to get some recordings about her.

Despite this, she asserts that she is in perfect health, a claim that has left doctors and medical experts in shock.

Muluwork stated that her last meal was a lentil stew when she was just ten years old. Since then, she claims she has had no appetite for either food or water.

The woman recounted, “I used to live with my family, and they asked me to eat breakfast and go to school. I said I had eaten but I was pretending. I had lost my appetite for water or for any food”.

She reportedly underwent numerous medical examinations in India, Qatar, and Dubai, yet none have provided an explanation for her condition.

UK-based YouTuber and Guinness World Record holder Drew Binsky recently visited Muluwork Ambaw to investigate her claims. During his visit, Muluwork Ambaw reiterated that she has not eaten or drunk anything for the last 16 years.

She also shared that she enjoys cooking for her family, although she herself never feels the urge to eat. She added, “I cook as much as I want, but I have no appetite”.

Medical tests conducted over a three-year period reportedly revealed no food, water, or waste products in her digestive tract, indicating that she neither eats nor produces waste.

She said, “The only reason I go to the bathroom is when I need to wash my body. I haven’t used the toilet for 16 years”.

Despite her astonishing claims, her mental health evaluations have come back normal, further deepening the mystery surrounding her condition.

According to her, she received glucose infusion supplements when she got pregnant with her child.

Watch the video below:

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