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“Ghana go think say na AI” – Meet 15-year-old Nigerian student who wins the global mathematics competition, video trends (Watch)



Meet 15 year old Nigerian student who wins the global mathematics competition video trends 1068x534 1

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment 15-year-old Nigerian student wins the global mathematics competition.

The 15-year-old Nigerian mathematics genius known as Faith Odunsi, triumphed over contestants from around the world to claim the title of Global Champion in Mathematics.

Faith Odunsi, representing Nigeria in the Global Open Mathematics Tournament, outperformed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, and others at every stage of the competition.

She gained widespread recognition for solving 19 mathematical questions in a record time of 60 seconds, a remarkable achievement that impressed the entire global audience. “It makes me happy and honored,” Faith expressed about her victory in an interview with Punch.

Faith is currently in her final year at Ota State Ambassador School in South-West Nigeria. Prior to this, she had already distinguished herself as the top mathematics student in Nigeria before advancing to represent the country on the global stage.

Faith explained that some stages of the competition were tough as she was just getting used to the system. She said; “I think the first was the toughest, there was a computer-based test and we had to answer many questions in one hour. My score in the test was 66.

“The second stage took the same format and I also scored 66. The quarter and semi-finals were on Microsoft themes. We were asked questions and we put in our answers; the first to put in the correct answers got 10 points,” she added.

Watch her video solving mathematical questions with the speed of light even faster than the popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) below;


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See reactions below;

iam_hammyjossa: How she take sabi the questions abeg??? Cos she no dey even allow the questioner to complete his statement.

dehbombomm: Ghana go think say na AI.

fashion_my_thing_always:  Genius👏👏👏👏👏I tap into this for my child!!!!

humble__mercy___: I claim this one for my child 😍 as I wasn’t able to achieve this one 😂.

victoruzor_: Met this girl in Olympiad competition and all o can say is that she’s a genius. She’s faith by name.

unlimitedeniola: She will be giving N500k in scholarship while those who go to a place to vibe will be given N100 million

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“This is disgusting” – Video trends as lady shows how palm oil is being made (Watch)



Video trends as lady shows how palm oil is being made Watch 696x348 1

A disgusting video of a lady showing how palm oil is being made for the consumption of all and sundry has surfaced online and by extension it has generated several reactions online.

The traumatizing video shows how a middle-aged lady was seen dancing so hard inside the palm oil well while the preparation was going one.

In the clip, the workers inside the well were seen trying to separate the heavy residue from the filtrate which is the actual palm oil so that it can available for sale.

However, a lady who is among those preparing the palm oil shows why cholera and other diseases are spreading in Nigeria.

The video captured a lady wearing a short skirt with all her legs dipped inside the palm oil and dancing inside the palm oil well while others were working.

The lady wearing a short skirt was seen exposing her laps inside the palm oil and using her legs to display several gestures during the palm oil preparation.

See reactions and the video below;

adeniyijohnson: Why I dey imagine say pad go drop inside 😂😂.

lady_erica.chuchu: Please wash your oil b4 using.

edutex_poundz: What if she dey see her period😂😂😂😂😂.

mr_jayjey: We made this in the village then. Yes it might be disgusting to watch but its safe and free from germs and bacteria as the oil is later cooked with a high temperature to get the final product which in turn destroys every yama yama it might have carried.

edutex_poundz: Thats why i dey always wash my oil with soap and water before consumption, wetin i dey talk sef, we gather dey chop yamayama!!!

official_awilo_parapar: Abeg my soup still Dey fire na this video wey I see never make me put red oil oooo 😂😂😂😂.

cryptominercorp: Just imagine say she dey on her period, small blood 🩸 fit drop enter, no panic, all Na OIL 😂😂😂😂.

fresh.mai: No wonder red oil come dey taste somehow like Fanta this days.


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Nigerian man takes back iPhone 15, wig from girlfriend after refusing to accept his marriage proposal (Video)



jj 1 681x358 1

A Nigerian man has stirred controversy online as he angrily took back his girlfriend’s iPhone 15 and wig after she turned down his marriage proposal.

The video circulating online revealed that the young man had gone on one knee to propose to his girlfriend in the shopping mall with people cheering the lady to “Say Yes”.

1 71

However, the lady instantly turned down his proposal, refusing to move close to her boyfriend.

The young man angrily rose to his feet and forcefully removed the wig she was wearing, causing the lady to walk away from him. The man exclaimed that he never expected her to turn him down after all the assistance he had rendered her.

bride 1 13

He further moved close to her to snatch the iPhone 15, he had purchased for her and exited the mall angrily.

The shocking scene has ignited speculations about their relationship with differing opinions in the comment section.

Many note that the young man’s reaction portrayed him as an abusive boyfriend, hence, the lady was scared to accept his marriage proposal, considering it is a lifetime commitment.

While some berate ladies, who receive expensive gifts from men without being ready to commit, others opine the lady should have accepted the proposal to save her boyfriend from public embarrassment.

Watch Video,

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Wife scatters the room after finding out her man buys goat for sallah instead of a ram, video trends (Watch)



Wife scatters the room after finding out her man buys goat for sallah instead of a ram video trends Watch 696x348 1

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment a wife scatters the room after finding out that her man buys goat for big sallah instead of a ram or cow.

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 16th 2024 is the big Sallah known as Eid-il-Kabir and by extension the Federal Government of Nigeria has declared Monday June 17th and Tuesday June 18th as public holidays.

However, the video trending online shows the moment, the wife was seen scattering her man’s clothes by throwing them all on the ground when she found out that he bought a goat instead of a ram or cow.

The wife was seen throwing heavy shades at her husband stressing that his mates were buying rams and cows but he ended up buying a goat.

Fuming harder, the wife was seen telling her husband that it is better he didn’t buy anything than buying a goat.

The husband who did not want to create any violence went to report his wife to her mother and the mother accompanied him to his house.

The mother upon seeing how her daughter has scattered the whole house reacted by going hard on her. The grandmother berated her daughter for not appreciating her husband enough for buying a goat as she disclosed that some couldn’t even buy anything.

She warned her daughter over her attitude adding that if she continues there are lots of girls outside ready to snatch her man from him.

The wife who was still angry in the video responded with deaf ears as she kept throwing her husband’s clothes to the floor.

Sharing the video, an X user identified as @bidsman wrote;

“Wife scattered the room cause her husband bought goat 🐐 for sallah and she wanted a Ram 🐏 or cow 🐄 and not goat.”

Watch the video below (swipe to view more);


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See reactions below;

houseofphreedahbodycare: Why u no work and assist your husband and buy the maluuuu alapa masise You think all does married women on instagram na der husband Dey buy everytin ??? Becos of🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏 u Dey scatter room hmmmm oju e ato bo😂.

thegreatwhynot: She promised her friends something.

zatogroup__: Saidaboj I see your doings in that woman’s body 😂.

datingtomarry_: Why on earth will you choose to procreate with a woman like this???

callme_hotchoko: Man just get 2 animals for hux😂😂.


@VictorLaundry: All this things nah the influence of her friends.

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